Travel & Accommodation

Potential participants are fully responsible for making their travel and accommodation arrangements, and should note that neither the WIETE nor the Titania Athens Hotel will take any responsibility or be held accountable for any cancellation of accommodation and travel tickets due to any unforeseen events that may cause the Seminar to be cancelled, postponed or transferred to another location.

Neither the WIETE nor the Titania Athens Hotel accept any responsibility whatsoever for their direct dealings with the hotels and/or any other organisations. It is highly advisable that potential participants should avoid purchasing non-refundable flight tickets. The Seminar organiser reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Seminar due to financial or other unexpected reasons.

The Titania Athens Hotel has offered a deal for Seminar participants to provide accommodation at reduced and competitive prices. Interested parties should contact the Sales Department at Titania Athens Hotel directly to arrange their bookings. Potential participants should note that the WIETE will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for their dealings with the Titania Athens

Associated Tours

A series of general interest tours and social activities may be arranged and included in the Seminar Programme.


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