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  11 November 2009

Preparations are in full swing for the 1st WIETE Annual Conference on Engineering and Technology Education, to be held at Seri Place Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, between 22 and 25 February 2010. The WIETE Director, Prof. Zenon J. Pudlowski, visited Thailand between 6 and 15 November 2009, spending some time at Seri Place Hotel in Pattaya. It was a pleasant coincidence that he carried out the inspection of the facilities and conducted useful discussions with the Hotel General Manager, Mr Virat Prapruetdee, on Polish Independence Day; the day that also commemorates the end of the WWI in Europe and the rebirth of several nations previously oppressed by imperialistic powers.

It should be pointed out that the Hotel owner and the management of Seri Place Hotel are enthusiastic about holding this maiden conference in their brand new hotel, which commenced operations in April this year. The Hotel and its excellent facilities are very well suited for conducting small events and our Annual Conference will fit in perfectly. We look forward to our first Annual Conference in Pattaya.

The picture shows the WIETE Director engaged in cordial discussions with the Hotel General Manager, Mr Virat Prapruetdee (r).

At Bangkok International Airport on the way back to Australia, the Director was lucky enough to witness a lovely scene. Two small boys, one Thai and the other Indian, made friends at their first encounter, immediately sharing food, candies and lollipops.

Kids know no politics, skin colours, national boundaries, and can happily share the limited space in this world. It is a pity that they grow up often to cause so many problems (an impression related to some many tragic international events and conflicts)! We regret that we cannot show a photo of the two boys due to the lack of permission.