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  15 September 2010

Special Session 2 on Wednesday, 15 September 2010, entitled International Collaboration in Technology and Engineering Education, provided the opportunity to present the WIETE as a global focal point for engineering and technology education by its Director, Prof. Zenon J. Pudlowski. This was followed by an interesting discussion.

However, two exciting events at this Session provided the highlights of the Conference. The first was the launch of the Mediterranean Centre for Engineering and Technology Education (MCETE), the first of the WIETE’s satellite centres, as they are known, that will be based at theTechnological Education Institute (TEI-Piraeus) in Piraeus-Athens, Greece. The launch was conducted by Prof. George Metaxas, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the TEI-Piraeus.

The second highlight was the re-launch of the Global Journal of Engineering Education (GJEE), carried out by the WIETE Director, Prof. Zenon J. Pudlowski. The GJEE has begun to operate after a break caused by the closure of the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education (UICEE) in 2008, the founder of the GJEE in 1997. A call for articles to be considered for inclusion in the GJEE, Vol.12, No.1, has been made on the GJEE’s pages available on the WIETE’s Internet site.

The photo shows Prof. G. Metaxas launching the MCETE.