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covervol7,no.2   19 January 2010

The second issue of the World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education (WTE&TE), marked as Vol.7, No.2, concludes the WIETE’s publication effort in 2009, and is now available on the WTE&TE Website. This issue of the WTE&TE includes 15 fully peer-refereed original articles, from authors representing four countries. The entire Volume consists of 32 highly informative and insightful articles coming from almost all corners of the world.

An interesting trend has been observed over this past year of the publication of this Journal, with many articles reporting on the application of modern information technology and the Internet to the teaching-learning processes in engineering and technology education. In particular, several researchers have presented their research and development achievements in creating remotely accessible and operated facilities, such as virtual engineering laboratories.

Since the WTE&TE is open to everyone who is interested in the progression of engineering and technology education, a call for research articles is now made for the next issue of the WTE&TE, which will be Vol.8, No. 1. The WTE&TE seeks to benefit all those involved in engineering and technology through the wider dissemination of knowledge. The deadline for the forthcoming issue is 1 March 2010. Authors should indicate their interest as soon as possible. Additional information, including past articles and abstracts, can be found via the WIETE’s homepage at under WTE&TE.

The picture shows the front cover of the WTE&TE, Vol.7, No.2, 2009.