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  21 August 2009

Last August, a delegation of the Russian Association of Engineering Universities (RAEU), Moscow, Russia, including its President, Professor Dr Vasily M. Zhurakovskiy and the Director-General, Professor Dr Alexey F. Nesterov, accompanied by their wives, Ludmila and Galina, spent several days in the resort town of Heviz in Hungary, where the WIETE Director regularly spends a significant part of his annual holidays. This followed the RAEU becoming a partner organisation in July 2009. The visit to Heviz allowed the two parties to conduct several discussions on a wide range of topics of mutual interest, concerning engineering and technology education. High on the agenda was the formulation of activities that might be carried out jointly in the near future.

The culmination of those marathon meetings in Heviz was a trip to the University of Pannonia based in Veszprem, Hungary, on Friday, 21 August 2009. The two parties were received by the University Rector, Professor Dr Akos Redey. The Rector briefed the visitors on the organisation of the University and the conduct of its activities in teaching and research. Potential areas for collaboration were identified and discussed between the parties, including some activities to be carried out under the auspices of the WIETE. The University of Pannonia plans to join the WIETE as a partner institution in the near future. Prof. Redey hosted a dinner in honour of the visitors, where participants exchanged their views on many ideas and topics, including several international issues of concern, in a lighter atmosphere.

The photo shows (l-r) Prof. V. M. Zhurakovskiy, Prof. Z.J. Pudlowski, Prof. A. Redey and Prof. A.F. Nesterov engaged in cordial discussions.