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  22 January 2010

It is a great pleasure to inform our readers that a highly acclaimed professional writer, communicator, journalist and editor, Ms Krystyna Wareing, of Crawley, West Sussex, England, UK, joins the WIETE as an Associate Editor. Ms Wareing, a faculty member of The Management School London, is a highly qualified and experienced professional with a number of achievements to her credit, for which she has received recognition, such as the Service Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism (Thomson Business Publishing).

Krystyna has written and developed postgraduate online courses in web journalism for the London School of Journalism and the New Curiosity Shop, which delivers short courses in specialist subjects.

Krystyna’s association with the WIETE Director dates from the late 1980s, when she was assisting him in developing publications and promotional materials for the Electrical Engineering Education Research Group (EEERG), the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE), the International Liaison Group for Engineering Education (ILG-EE) and the Australasian Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE), all then based in the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. She was also helpful in the early stages of development of the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education (UICEE), when the WIETE Director launched the Centre at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. In 1995, she was offered an appointment there as professional officer and associate editor within UICEE, but was unable to accept the position due to family reasons and her return to the UK.

We are, indeed, very fortunate to have secured her association with the WIETE. Considering Krystyna’s extensive experience and achievements, we look forward to her service to the growing WIETE international community of engineering and technology educators.