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  24 July 2009

On Friday, 24 July 2009, a Memorandum of Understanding between the WIETE and NYU-Poly was signed by Polytechnic Institute Provost Professor Dr E. Dianne Rekow. She commented that participation by NYU-Poly in the important work of the WIETE “is consistent with our position as a leading global technology and engineering school.” Professor Dr Harold P. Sjursen, who accepted the role of a Vice-President of the WIETE's International Academic Advisory Committee (WIETE-IAAC), suggested that “the particular role of NYU-Poly would most likely be in the area of emerging technologies, innovation strategies as well as the integration of the humanities, social sciences and management education into engineering curricula.”

The Polytechnic Institute of NYU, the second oldest private engineering college in the United States (founded 1854), and formerly a partner of the UICEE, merged with New York University to become the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. This merger expands greatly the capability of the Institute to conduct research in all areas of engineering and technology, including bio-medical engineering.

The NYU-Poly, which offers BS, MS and PhD degrees, has focused its curriculum on three thematic areas: Information, Computation and Electronic Systems; Urban Systems; and Biomedical and Health Systems. The emphasis in both research and education is on innovation and new technological solutions.

The newly reorganised NYU-Poly has joined the World Institute for Engineering and Technology Education (WIETE) as a partner institution. The Polytechnic was the host of the successful UICEE’s 5th Global Congress on Engineering Education in July, 2006.

It is anticipated that many NYU-Poly staff members will become active participants in WIETE sponsored activities and projects.

Earlier on 24 July, the WIETE received an e-mail message from Russia, with an attached Memorandum of Understanding signed by Professor Dr Alexey F. Nesterov, Director-General of the Russian Association of Engineering Universities (RAEU), based in Moscow, Russia, joining the WIETE as a partner organisation. This has made the day one of the happiest Fridays of them all!

The photo shows Prof. E.D. Rekow signing the Memorandum of Understanding, with Prof. H.P. Sjursen assisting in the signing.