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  10 August 2011

During his recent trip to Europe, the WIETE Director paid a brief visit to the Institute of Technology at the Higher Professional State School (HPSS), Tarnów, Poland, on Wednesday, 10 August 2011. The Institute is under the directorship of Professor Stanisław A. Mitkowski, who is also Head of the Department of Electrical and Power Engineering (DEPE) of the AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland.

The visit was facilitated by Prof. Mitkowski and was one of the activities carried out by the WIETE Director in his visiting programme at the DEPE. The DEPE, is an active partner institution of the WIETE and was the host of the 1st World Conference on Technology and Engineering Education held in Kraków in September last year.

The HPSS Tarnów was a Contributing Member of the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education (UICEE) for many years, and the main objective of the visit of Prof. Pudlowski to Tarnów was to explore the possibility of the HPSS Tarnów undertaking work within the WIETE’s global network by becoming a Partner Institution, especially as there is a considerable interest in this amongst HPSS's academics in engineering and technology education.

Discussions with Prof. Mitkowski concentrated on the involvement of his staff, both in the DEPE and HPSS, in research and development activities in engineering and technology education, as well as the promotion of the achievements of his staff through the means provided by the WIETE. Along this line, Prof. Mitkowski is sending four delegates to the WIETE’s 2nd World Conference on Technology and Engineering Education to be held next month in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to present their papers.

The picture shows Prof. S.A. Mitkowski engaged in conversation with the WIETE Director.