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  12 September 2011

During his brief tour of Italy, the WIETE Director considered the possibility of holding an international conference in the heart of Italy, possibly in the beautiful medieval town of Florence, Tuscany. The Monash University Prato Centre, located in Palazzo Vaj at 26 Via Pugliesi, in Prato's Centro Storico (medieval historical centre), proximate to Florence, was viewed as a potential venue.

During his visit to the Centre, the WIETE Director was able to become familiar with its location in the old town and its facilities. The Centre is particularly suited for organising medium-sized conferences. Apart from its excellent facilities, the Centre has highly specialised and experienced staff who are eager to assist in this endeavour.

However, potential visitors are not recommended to venture to the Centre by car, as the traffic arrangement in Prato is extremely tricky, with narrow and one-way streets. (It took the WIETE Director, who claims to an experienced international driver and navigator, over an hour to drive to the Centre by car). Taking a train or a bus from Florence would be better options.

The Monash University Prato Centre, which this year celebrates its 10th year of existence, is one of several Monash University campuses outside Australia. More information on the Centre can be found at:

The photo shows a picturesque part of medieval Florence.