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  14 June 2020


Due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic, the 8th Mediterranean Seminar on Engineering and Technology Education - Athens, Greece, scheduled to take place between 14 and 18 September 2020, has been postponed. However, we have been able to reschedule the Seminar for between 24 and 28 May 2021, hoping that by this time the pandemic will be under control.

Nevertheless, a decision has been made to publish the submitted papers in advance as they come in, and with the understanding that the authors will present them personally at the Seminar. It is intended that the submitted papers will be included in the WTE&TE, Vol.18, No.4 (2020) or WTE&TE, Vol.19, No.1 (2021), obviously subject to positive referees’ reports and satisfactory editorial assessment. Those colleagues deciding to publish their papers in advance will be asked to pay the article publication fee in the first instance, with the balance to be paid approximately a month before the Seminar.

Those colleagues who have already indicated their desire to attend the Seminar and present their papers are kindly requested to confirm their attendance by the new dates. Colleagues who have not yet indicated their desire to participate in the Seminar, may wish to do so by sending an abstract of their proposed paper presentation.