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The picture shows (l-r) Mrs D. Pudlowski, A/Prof. S. Avsec and
Prof. Z.J. Pudlowski engaged in a friendly conversation.






  16 August 2018

Associate Professor Stanislav Avsec of the Department of Physics and Technology Education at the University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a member of the WIETE International Academic Advisory Committee (WIETE-IAAC) visited Kraków, Poland, between 13 and 17 August 2018.

This created an excellent opportunity to meet the WIETE Directors, Mrs Dorota Pudlowski and Professor Zenon J. Pudlowski currently taking sabbatical leave in Kraków, and to discuss a wide range of issues concerning engineering and technology education, as well as a multitude of current and future activities of the WIETE. Over lunch, the parties exchanged their views on the present situation concerning the status and quality of engineering and technology education and in particular, the aims and objectives of STEM education and the preparation of teachers for the realisation of this programme in primary and secondary education.

A/Prof Avsec briefed the WIETE directors on the research and development programmes currently on the way in technology education at the University of Ljubljana, and the opportunity that the WIETE provides in the process of promoting these programmes and their outcomes in the international arena, through its conferences and research journals.

Some of the outcomes of these research programmes will be presented next month during the WIETE’s 6th Mediterranean Seminar on Engineering and Technology Education, which will be held in Athens, Greece.