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  20 April 2016

Travelling to Poland, the WIETE Directors concentrated on the promotion of engineering and technology education. Along this line, on 20 April 2016, on the invitation of Professor Sabina Kuc, they visited the Faculty of Architecture at Cracow University of Technology (CUT) in Kraków to discuss the opportunity to collaborate in the organisation of the International Conference on New Building Technologies and Architectural Design - NBTAB 2016, to be held at the University between 13 and 14 October 2016.

An additional Conference panel on Education of Architects and Engineers was added to broaden the scope of the Conference. A Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the WIETE and the CUT Faculty of Architecture was formulated and discussed with Professor Sabina Kuc. This MoU was signed by Professor Jacek Gyurkovich, Dean of the CUT Faculty of Architecture and Professor Zenon J. Pudlowski.

Later in the day, at a meeting of the WIETE Directors with Professor Wacław Celadyn, Director of the CUT Institute of Civil Engineering Design and Professor Sabina Kuc, discussions were held on a number of topics concerning architectural education, as well as the ways and practicalities concerning the conduct and execution of the MoU.

Top photo shows Professors J. Gyurkovich and Z.J. Pudlowski signing the MoU. Bottom photo (l-r) shows Professors Pudlowski, Celadyn and Kuc engaged in discussion