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  24 August 2012

On 24 August 2012, the WIETE Director met Prof. Sławomir Wiak, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering of the Technical University of Łódź, Poland, in Zakopane, a famous Polish mountain resort. The Faculty is a Partner/Member institution of the WIETE. Prof. S. Wiak, a Fellow of the WIETE, is one of the four Vice-Presidents of the WIETE’s International Academic Advisory Committee.

The discussions covered a range of issues and topics related to bilateral cooperation, as well as on the possibility of future research projects and joint publications. Prof. Wiak and members of his research team have contributed significantly to the activities of the WIETE. Over the life of the partnership, they have published extensively the results of their research through the WIETE media. It is envisaged that a group of academics, under the leadership of Prof. Wiak, will attend the 4th WIETE Annual Conference on Engineering and Technology Education, to be held in Cairns, Australia, between 11 and 15 February 2013, where they will present several research papers.

The WIETE Director also took this opportunity to congratulate Prof. Wiak on his recent election as the University's Vice-Rector for Education, wishing him success in his endeavour. He expressed his desire to strengthen the already excellent relationship.

The photograph shows Prof. Sławomir Wiak and the WIETE Director during a working lunch.