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  28 May 2011

The WIETE and iProfesor, a large Polish platform that links researchers in all fields of academic endeavour, have just become partners. iProfesor operates under the patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland, and is supported and partially funded by the European Union. Several institutions are acting as patrons, and several as partners, now including the WIETE. The platform has already attracted over five thousand researchers, and aspires to be both a communication tool and research database, as well as an active forum for cooperation between individual researchers, academic institutions, business and government bodies.

Internationalisation is a priority for iProfesor, and as the WIETE practises, welcomes and promotes such an attitude, the cooperation between these bodies may bring some highly positive outcomes. Within the iProfesor range of cooperative and communication links, it is envisaged that the WIETE will facilitate internationalisation, specifically in relation to engineering and technology education, as well as will encourage its own membership to engage directly with iProfesor. To start with, general information about the Institute and the Platform has been exchanged, and appears on their respective Web sites

Another partner of iProfesor that could be of interest to our membership is the Internet Promotion of Science (Internetowa Promacja Nauki), and more specifically its project that aims to attract outstanding foreign and Polish research publications and translate them respectively into Polish and English. Currently, this project has financial resources for 15 such translations of books, journal articles, research reports, reports on developments, research trends and achievements, and other documents that focus on innovation in its broadest sense. Requests for information and submissions of documents for translation should be directed to