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  2 September 2014

In his endeavour to explore the possibility of staging a WIETE international conference in Malta, the WIETE Director, Professor Zenon J. Pudlowski, visited Malta between 29 August and 3 September 2014. It was an interesting experience to encounter a place with so many layers of culture and history in a small land. In particular, even a highly experienced an knowledgeable engineer would be shocked and impressed by the vastness of civil engineering developments, in terms of past-era impregnable fortifications, civil architecture and modern desalination solutions.

Against this background, it is our strong desire to hold a WIETE-organised international conference in such a spectacular environment. Along these lines, Prof. Pudlowski and his wife Dorota, met Dr Sarah Pule, an academic at the University of Malta interested in engineering and technology education and her husband Dr Keith Buhagiar, an archaeologist also based at the University of Malta, to discuss the possibility of collaboration.

Dr Pule briefed Prof. Pudlowski on her research in engineering and technology education, the results of which are likely to be presented at WIETE conferences and included in WIETE journals. The discussion then concentrated on the possibility of staging a WIETE international meeting on engineering and technology education in Malta. The visitors were invited to visit the medieval town of Mdina. With its history, heritage, medieval and baroque architecture and refined culture Mdina could be the best venue for an international gathering of engineering and technology educators.

The picture shows the WIETE director (l) being given a guided tour by Dr S. Pule (r) and Dr K. Buhagiar, whose exceptional knowledge of Maltese history and culture provided the visitors with a wonderful experience.