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  3 February 2020

In view of the latest coronavirus outbreak in China, the spread of the virus to several countries worldwide, including Thailand, and the Thailand Health Ministry warning that an outbreak in Thailand was possible, we decided to postpone the 11th WIETE Annual Conference on Engineering and Technology Education, in Bangkok, scheduled for between 10 and 14 February 2020, and to run it in the Cinnamon Residence in Bangkok when the situation is clarified and travelling there is safe. The decision has not been taken lightly, but since your safety and security is our priority, we needed to postpone the conference to ensure the highest possible safety standards for all participants.

After consultation with Mr Virat Prapruetdee, General Manager of Cinnamon Residence in Bangkok, it was decided that the new dates for the 11th WIETE Annual Conference on Engineering and Technology Education be between 16 and 20 November 2020. November usually is the best month to visit Thailand because the climate then is most pleasant. Obviously, we can still accept new proposals to attend the Conference and present papers.

Nevertheless, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that the WIETE has made considerable financial and other commitments and we always endeavour to provide participants with the best possible arrangements. Our publication plans have not changed and Conference papers (those submitted before 31 December 2019) will be published in the WTE&TE, Vol.18, No.1 and those submitted after 31 December 2019, in Vol.18, No.2. However, I draw your attention to the condition that the papers must be presented at the Conference.

Mr Virat and I hope that, by the time of our Conference, the coronavirus will have been eradicated and we can then enjoy the best of Thailand, without the concerns of being forced to postpone or cancel this Conference.