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Z.J. Pudlowski


G. Pour Pervasive computing reforming software engineering education 357
R.B. Ward Educating management: by case 361
A.S. Patil & Z.J. Pudlowski The globalisation of the Indian economy: a need for the internationalisation of higher technical education 367
M.J. Riemer & D.E. Jansen Non-verbal intercultural communication awareness for the modern engineer 373
K.S. Ananthakrishnan & G. Halyburton Successful outcomes of industry-academic partnership in engineering programmes through a cadetship scheme 379
M.A. Armand On the use of analogies in a first course on information theory 383
S. Chanchalor & T. Daungchan A comparison of academic achievement on the Intranet in a course on electric transformers between individual-learning and group-learning 387
H-C. Hsiao & J-C. Chang A quasi-experimental study researching how a problem-solving teaching strategy impacts on learning outcomes for engineering students 391
C. Daniłowicz & E. Kukla The application of adaptive students’ classification to the determination of a learning strategy in an e-learning environment 395
L.U. Opara From farmers to blue-collar professionals: agricultural engineering students’ perspectives on their career prospects, critical skills and discipline name change 399
H-C. Hsiao & Y-H. Liang Divergent thinking: a function-specific approach 403
S.K. Bhattacharya, R. Doraiswami, L. Conrad, G. May & R.R. Tummala The development and implementation of a hands-on, multidisciplinary product development course series at Georgia Tech 407
G. Hassapis & N. Pavlidou A virtual laboratory exercise to teach the development of industrial computer applications 411
C.J. Lemckert A coastal engineering industry affiliates programme model to enhance student learning 417
D.W.S. Tai & R. Wang A case study of innovation management in a private comprehensive school: the promotion of ISO 9002 421
S. Alaoutinen & J. Voracek From isolated international educational projects towards the unifying concept of the cross-border university 425
H.I. Abu-Mulaweh The need for outside support of capstone senior design projects 431
M. Gaddi, T. Sexton, M. Muste, V.C. Patel & P.J.J. Alvarez International perspectives in water resources management: the Paraná River watershed 435
V. Mahnic & M. Gams Some experiences in teaching introductory programming at the faculty level 441
S. Kluj Usability criteria for simulators applied in the maritime engineering education 445
M. Makgato New technology curricula for South African FET schools (grades 10-12) 449
G.J. de Sena, J.I. Akamatsu, R.M. Bittencourt & M.A.R.F. Gonçalves Towards the consolidation of the results of an educational project 453
L.U. Opara Image is everything: Undergraduate students’ contributions towards a better understanding and improvement of public attitudes and perceptions of agricultural engineering 457
R. Gürbüz Measuring local losses in pipe flows utilising data acquisition cards and a computer 461
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