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Z.J. Pudlowski



D.Q. Nguyen & Z.J. Pudlowski The need for the modernisation of environmental engineering education: a response to current problems and challenges
F. Liarokapis, N. Mourkoussis, M. White, J. Darcy, M. Sifniotis, P. Petridis, A. Basu & P.F. Lister Web3D and augmented reality to support engineering education 11
S. Kluj The application of a diagnostic simulator in maritime engineering education 15
B.D. Moulton, V.L. Lasky & S.J. Murray The development of a remote laboratory: educational issues 19
D.E. Jansen Developing the intercultural competence of engineering students: a proposal for the method and contents of a seminar 23
S.G. Bilén, R.F. Devon, M.R. Henderson & H. Nguyen Global approaches to teaching global design: stakeholders, programmes and assessments 29
M.J. Riemer Investigation into the development of English and communication skills for the modern engineer within a cultural context: a research scheme 35
R. Kasuba & P. Vohra International mobility and the licensing of professional engineers 43
L-C. Huang, H-L. Hsieh, K-J. Su& Y-W. Hou Influential factors impacting on the implementation of e-learning: a perspective from technological education 47
Y. Demirel Workbook strategy in engineering education 53
S. Kolari, C. Savander-Ranne & J. Tiili Enhancing the engineering students’ confidence using interactive teaching methods – Part 1: initial results for the Force Concept Inventory and confidence scoring 57
F. Kjærsdam Technology transfer in a globalised world: transferring between university and industry through cooperation and education 63
S. John, D. Reeves, R. Evans & B. Bundy Smart systems used as an educational aid in mechanical engineering 67
R. Kasuba & P. Ziliukas A comparative review of two major international accrediting consortia for engineering education: the Washington Accord and the Bologna Process 71
S. Chanchalor & P. Chomphutong Teaching model focus utilising a student centred strategy for vocational students 75
R.B. Ward Educating management: by mentor 79
G. Pour Restructuring software engineering education towards cross-disciplinary collaborations to create pervasive information systems and technologies 85
E.C. Kalkani, L.G. Boussiakou & I.K. Boussiakou Interpersonal skills in chairing an engineering department 89
N. McFarlane, T. Sutherland & J. Vermeulen The design, implementation and evaluation of the Introduction to Engineering programme (Intro Engineering) for prospective engineering students at the Vaal University of Technology, South Africa 97
K.A. Mastor & A.H. Ismail Personality and cognitive style differences among matriculation engineering and information technology students 101
P.W. Magoha A critique for the modernisation of management in higher education institutions of developing nations 105
M-Y. Chan & K-W. Mui The use of open-book examinations to motivate students: a case study from Hong Kong 111
K-W.M. Siu Learning opportunities for product designers and engineers 115
T. Sutherland The design and development of a fault indicator for amplifier circuits 119
K-J. Su, L-C. Huang & H-L. Hsieh The development of a knowledge flow paradigm in engineering education: empirical research in Taiwanese universities 125
Z. Mbanguta North-South collaboration on engineering education through CDIO educational theory reforms: the creation of an African CDIO knowledge society 129
P. Tsang Learner-centred online assignment management 135
L.U. Opara, S.S. Al-Adawi & T.Y. Al-Shukeili Students’ perceptions and attitudes towards agricultural engineering education in the Sultanate of Oman – Part 1: academic programme selection 139
L.U. Opara, S.S. Al-Adawi & T.Y. Al-Shukeili Students’ perceptions and attitudes towards agricultural engineering education in the Sultanate of Oman – Part 2: curriculum content and career preferences 143
H-L. Hsieh, L-C. Huang & K-J. Su Work stress and job performance in the hi-tech industry: a closer view for vocational education 147
H.I. Abu-Mulaweh Integration of the Design-Build-Test concept in an undergraduate heat transfer laboratory 151
S.J. Hadjileontiadou† & L.J. Hadjileontiadis A complexity analysis of collaborative turn-taking patterns that evolve during computer-mediated col 155
R. Gray Introduction to systems engineering for engineering and engineering technology students 159
I.G. Durlik Organisational concept and European experiences in implementing the engineering educational system called Work-Based Learning 163
L. Theodoridou-Sotiriou Planning, implementation and evaluation of a new academic curriculum: the case of the Geoinformatics and Surveying Department at the TEI of Serres 167
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