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5th WIETE Annual Conference on Engineering and Technology Education



G.C. Kabouridis The niche institute strategy - the way out of economic crisis for Greek higher educational institutions: the case of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece 360
C-H. Huang A competency-based calculus teaching module for engineering students 365
A.H. Al-Arfaj & H.I. Abu-Mulaweh A newly established college of engineering led by a non-engineer 371
Z. Nedic, S. Gadzhanov & A. Nafalski An industry-based project for teaching electrical power systems 388
P. Anastasiadis & G. Metaxas Formulating the principles of an eco-city 394
A.P. Wibawa, A. Nafalski & Z. Nedic Potential of an educational application of a language statistical translation system 418
A. Jurčius & A.V. Valiulis Searching for residual stress measurement methods for structural steel components 424
K.W.H. Tsui & S.J. Thatcher Aviation safety in the undergraduate curriculum: aviation students’ perceptions 434
D. Schott Signal reconstruction - a project for students of electrical engineering 438
S. Gadzhanov, A. Nafalski & Z. Nedic Remote laboratories on motion control systems 450
S.J. Thatcher & K.W.H. Tsui A comparison of the learning outcomes of international students from Asia and Australian students in an undergraduate aviation programme 456
D.W.S. Tai, J-L. Chen, R-C. Zhang & V. Tai The review of current engineering and technology programme accreditation in Taiwan 484
S. Kocijancic & A. Boonsongsrikul A survey of student-centred approaches to engineering education - a case study concerning Slovenia and Thailand 513

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