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In order to fulfil its mission, the WIETE endeavours, subject to the availability of funds, to carry out a wide range of activities. Its objectives are to:

  • create and maintain an international platform for the exchange of information on engineering and technology education;

  • promote and facilitate international collaboration in engineering and technology education;

  • stimulate, encourage and pursue research and development activities in engineering and technology education, and multidisciplinary research in order to link the science of engineering and technology with other disciplines;

  • provide consultancy services in engineering and technology education for educational institutions, governments, professional societies and industrial organisations;

  • organise and conduct short courses, international seminars and conferences on engineering and technology education to promote innovation, best practice, human resource development and capacity building;

  • initiate, stimulate and coordinate international postgraduate activities in engineering and technology education;

  • establish and maintain interest groups, regional networks and centres of excellence in engineering and technology education;

  • disseminate information, expertise and research results through various media such as printing and electronic publishing;

  • seek financial support for research and development activities to be carried out by member institutions.






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