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4th WIETE Annual Conference on Engineering and Technology Education



  Front cover 0
  Initial pages 1-4
Z.J. Pudlowski Preface 5
H.P. Jensen Internationalisation of higher education: the why and the how (Opening Address) 6
D.O. Northwood Pathways to engineering leadership education (Opening Address) 10
A.F. Nesterov, I.V. Arzhanova &
V.M. Zhurakovskiy
National research universities as centres for innovative development of Russian engineering and technology education (Opening Address) 16
P. Vohra, O. Ghrayeb &
R. Kasuba
ICE-T: Internationalising the curriculum in engineering and technology 19
O. Ghrayeb, P. Vohra,
N. Pohlman & F. St Clair
Summer Mathematics Bridge Program at CEET 23
V. Nederita, R. Ciudin,
V. Petrescu & C. Isarie
First postdoctoral school in Romania: a case study of innovation and best practice in engineering and technology education 27
T. Nemes, C. Deac, M. Bibu & A. Gligor Involving students in monitoring occupational risk at a battery recycling facility 32
D.D. Dumitrascu & C. Novac The symbiosis between university, business and industry: a case study of the Engineering Faculty within Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania 36
A. Kalanidhi Quality engineering education - present standard of teachers and the standard of input students 42
D. Schott

Mathematical competencies and critical thinking in everyday life

A. Nafalski & Z. Nedić Evolution of first year teaching of electrical engineering 51
D.O. Northwood A journey of learning: from educational modules in materials science and engineering, to women in engineering, to experiential learning, to a liberal education for engineers 57
V. Mahnic Students’ perceptions of user stories 63
Z. Nedić & A. Nafalski Teaching mechatronics using SCADA 69
A.V. Valiulis & A. Radzeviciene International openness and globalisation challenges - key factors in the development of the Erasmus for All programme 73

Index of Authors 79




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