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2nd World Conference on Technology and Engineering Education



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  Initial pages 1-5
Z.J. Pudlowski & S. Kocijancic
Preface 6
A. Kalanidhi Quality in higher education - a comparative study of campus and virtual education (Opening Address) 7
S. Kocijancic An overview of research and development activities in technology education carried out at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana (Opening Address) 10
H.P. Sjursen What philosophy can learn from engineering - the impact of emerging technologies on the social world (Opening Address) 16
A. Porębska, S.A. Mitkowski, A.M. Dąbrowski & P. Zegarmistrz Gender as a factor determining the choice of technical studies 21
S. Wiak, D. Jeske, M. Krasuski & R. Stryjek Modern distance examination using the latest technology - the E-matura project 27
D.Q. Nguyen & Z.J. Pudlowski Global issues in environmental engineering education 32
K. Susman, J. Pavlin, S. Ziherl, M. Pečar & M. Čepič Phase transitions in the frame of mechanical model 38
M. Čepič & J. Pavlin Lap-tops, mobiles, iPods and liquid crystals 43
D. Rihtaršič & S. Kocijancic Introducing 32-bit microcontrollers technologies to a technology teacher training programme 49
F. Vrbančič & S. Kocijancic Introducing the radio frequency identification technology to a vocational high school programme of mechatronics 54
D. Jeske, M. Krasuski & R. Stryjek Computer-aided mathematical analysis of graduates - Business Intelligence in the E-matura project 61
A.M. Dąbrowski, S.A. Mitkowski, A. Porębska & P. Zegarmistrz The use of numerical methods in teaching selected topics in circuit theory based on MATLAB 64
D. Schott Processes in nature - student modelling and simulation using mathematics and MATLAB 71
K. Ban & S. Kocijancic Introducing topics on nanotechnologies to middle and high school curricula 78
P. Zegarmistrz, S.A. Mitkowski, A. Porębska & A.M. Dąbrowski Nodal analysis of finite square resistive grids and the teaching effectiveness of students’ project 84
D. Jeske, M. Krasuski & R. Stryjek A secure and highly accessible examination system - E-matura: a case study 90
J. Machotka, A. Nafalski & Z. Nedić The history of developments of remote experiments  
A. Nafalski, Z. Nedić & J. Machotka Remote engineering laboratories for collaborative experiments 96
A. Lisowska-Lis, S.A. Mitkowski & J. Augustyn Infrared technique and its application in science and engineering in the study plans of students in electrical engineering and electronics 104
D. Jeske, M. Krasuski & R. Stryjek Natural user interfaces in modern education
A.R.N. Molson & A.A.F. Molson Laws controlling contracts: the importance of Web-based Information Management Systems for engineering education and industry 113
E. Ovcin, M. Di Pardo, A. Hancic & J. Sluga The ERGOMAN Project: designing the new Process Ergo-Designer profile and training model and its validation 118
G. Šantej & S. Kocijancic Commencing projects that implement the use of magnetic sensors in pre-higher technology education

Index of Authors 128




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